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US based luxury tableware brand.


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Tableware Fulfillment Services - A F4E Solution

US based luxury tableware brand.

The global value of the tableware market in 2016 across all market segments (all price points and including hotel/restaurant) was USD $40bn of which about $7bn was in USA and Europe (+UK) led the market with a share of 35.0% of the total.

For one American based company recognised for its award-winning designs for more than 65 years in dinnerware, serve ware, barware, home décor, jewellery and gift items and working with the world’s most esteemed designers, the growth in the European market and the demand for their products amongst consumers in Europe offered sales opportunities which they wanted to exploit quickly and cost effectively.

Multi-channel sales route:

To capitalise on the opportunity and maximise their chances of success the company needed to be able to get their products into the European market faster, cheaper and unburdened by customs formalities. The company was dedicated to transparency, customer experience and delivering exceptional high-end table-top products to their customers at reasonable cost.
As a manufacturer of luxury tableware most of their sales were through department stores and specialist retail outlets in the USA so to maximise their chances of success in the European market the company sought to develop a multi-channel sales route into the EU via specialist retailers and eCommerce through their yet to be built website.

F4E Ireland as a solution:

In 2016 this New Mexico based company identified the need for a European based flexible, scalable fulfillment solution and a partner that could support their market expansion business strategy into the EU which would enable them to meet customer expectations for fast affordable delivery within the EU.

A loose chronology detailing Abbott Lyon’s ever-changing requirement as they adapted their offering to meet the fast-evolving Influencer Marketplace over the past twelve months: Oct 2017 to Oct 2018.

This premium products company specialised range of products required unique storage conditions, due to the nature of the product, and a skilled team of fulfillment experts to process and pack their B2B and B2C orders. Many of which were gifts, so a gift-wrapping capability was also required. The company turned to F4E Ireland.

With the support of the F4E Ireland supply chain team In March 2016 just two months after the SLA was finalised the company moved its first containers of stock from New Mexico to F4E's warehouse in Ireland.  

With F4E Ireland, the company gained a location within euro currency zone and an  English speaking European based supply chain partner, who could offer them a software platform to manage inbound and outbound European shipments and orders  while tracking real time inventory levels and European b2b and b2c sales orders.

Visibility and control over inventory levels along with agile locally based logistics support helped them make informed decisions on inventory allocation and market trends. They also gained a team of European based supply chain experts that helps them continually improve their fulfilment operations and reduce transport cost and delivery times to their B2B & B2C customers in Europe.

In addition, with the support of F4E Ireland they have a customer support and back office administration team operating during European business hours and the ability leverage cost savings on a range of locally sourced materials and services.


Through a single account manager, Whistl and PVS provide the IT integration as well. Together with his partners, SportPursuit have now access to 8 fulfilment warehouses across the UK and over 500 seat contact centre capability. Through this collaboration, SportPursuit benefits with the different solutions and locations reaching every single customer across Europe.

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