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Case Study: Pure electric and F4E's Customised Solutions

Pure Electric delivers green mobility.

The beginning of a transport revolution with a positive impact on our planet Pure Electric is a specialist electric scooter retailer. They focus on delivering the best and safest electric scooters while providing unrivaled customer service, all shipped within 24 hours for next day delivery.

Pure Electric was founded in the UK by entrepreneur Adam Norris and his passion for new technology that improves everyday lives. Adam Norris wanted to find the way to help humankind with a positive impact on our planet. He and his Team believe that electric scooters can play a big role in reducing air pollution and congestion in cities across Europe. This not only benefits our society now but also in the future to the generations to come.

Delivering a heavy and delicate product:

Since Pure Electric products are heavy and need special cares, they are difficult to deliver. The products weight around 19 and 30 Kg and the batteries need to be handled carefully.

The usual carriers are not willing to take this kind of products due weight, volume and battery care. Pure Electric needed to find the right partner who has the capacity and want to take the challenge. That is when Pure Electric found Fulfillment for Europe. F4E has the experience, flexibility and the right team to turn complex requirements into a successful reality.

F4E has taken the challenge and now provide the necessary care to protect and handle each part of the Pure Electric products and this way safely storing and delivering.


Pure Electric has started in the UK but has been growing very fast not only in the UK. With a high demand in other countries, they needed to find the way to bring Pure Electric with the same quality service to the rest of Europe. Together with F4E, Pure Electric is already delivering in Belgium and France as planning the next moves in Europe. F4E France storage is currently more than 2000 pallets and delivers more than 1500 orders monthly in Belgium and France.

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