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Fulfillment for Europe (F4E) is a leading pan-European eCommerce fulfillment provider offering brands flexible, integrated, and scalable fulfillment solutions across the entire European region.

With over 20 strategically located fulfillment centres, we deliver true pan-European coverage, ensuring your products reach customers efficiently and effectively, no matter where they are located.


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Founded in 2010, Fulfillment for Europe has established itself as Europe’s #1 pan-European fulfillment solution.

Through our European wide fulfillment solutions we’ve helped hundreds of brands to improve their customers' shopping experiences with faster delivery times and exceptional service.

We are a proud people company, which means with F4E, you get access to real people, all the time. Every F4E customer benefits from knowledgeable account managers and expert teams dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of the European market.

When F4E was founded, we aimed to provide an integrated, scalable, and innovative fulfillment solution that allowed brands to distribute their inventory across a network of European fulfillment centres for faster delivery, and then manage all their operations from one easy-to-use platform.

And we did it.

Our advanced technology ensures accurate and timely order fulfillment, and allows brands to provide faster delivery, reduces their carbon footprint, and makes it easy to scale into new markets without additional setup costs.

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For Europe

Our 20+ strategically located fulfillment centres across key European locations allows us to provide you with localised fulfillment solutions and optimise delivery times across the continent.


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What do F4E offer?

F4E provides non-European based companies and online retailers with a pan-European supply chain and fulfillment solution.

Where is F4E based?

We have strategic locations throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

What are the advantages in having F4E account managers?

Our team of expert Account Managers provide local market knowledge and client support.

What administrative services do F4E provide?

We offer european Tax, VAT and customs advice and support.

What about product returns?

F4E can provide in-country returns management solutions.

Why use F4E contact centres?

We offer multilingual customer support services for your customers.

What experience does F4E have?

We have experience in all our key services across a broad range of industries.

What other advantages do your warehouse and reverse logistics services offer?

F4E has access to a range of specialist services including product assembly and repair.

Will my online business IT need restructuring?

No, our systems have the ability to interface / integrate with most web shop / ecommerce platforms

Can F4E distribute in a number of European countries?

Yes, we have local in-country storage and fulfillment facilities.

Can F4E deliver to individual customers?

Yes, we are experienced in B2B and B2C solutions.

I'm a Startup - how can F4E help?

We offer scalable solutions and a 'partnership' approach to growing your business in Europe.

Who will be my contact?

Each client has one point of contact depending on the type of services required, first language and best European centre for your operations.

My company wants to trade online - can F4E help?

Yes, Our Web Shop / ecommerce services include website design, development, SEO, Digital Marketing, website and account management and systems integration.

Can I save money?

More than likely, yes. F4E offers competitive delivery solutions throughout Europe.

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