Sustainability and Social Responsibility

for the

We care about our customers, but we also care about our planet.

Our systems and procedures are designed to minimise the use of hazardous materials, energy, and other natural resources.

We focus on reducing waste and promoting the recycling and reuse of packaging materials.

Customers benefit from a practical solution to mitigate their carbon footprint through a local presence in their target markets.


73% of consumers would change their shopping habits if doing so lessened their impact on the environment. – Nielsen



Over 70% of millennials purchasing decisions are influenced by a brand’s environmental practices.


reverse logistics

Our reverse logistics not only save you money and improve your customer satisfaction, but reduces your carbon footprint too.

By localising your eCommerce returns, your return packages travel less distance, reducing emissions and protecting our planet.

our four focus areas



At F4E, we are committed to conducting ourselves in a legal, ethical, and trustworthy manner. We uphold our regulatory obligations and comply with both the letter and spirit of our business policies.



We actively partner with organisations in our communities to enhance lives and society as a whole. Engaging in activities such as community service, philanthropy, and supporting small, minority, women, and disadvantaged businesses strengthens our commitment to social responsibility.



Recognising our shared responsibility to protect the planet, we implement practices to minimise the ecological footprint of our transport operations. We prioritise transport optimisation, preservation, conservation, and waste reduction to reduce both our and your environmental impact.


Employees & People

We prioritise the well-being of our workforce, taking proactive steps to protect, support, and prepare our workers for successful careers. Our initiatives focus on providing career opportunities, workplace safety, health and wellness, diversity and inclusion, and training and development.

Code of Business 
Conduct and Ethics

F4E’s Code of Conduct provides mechanisms to prevent dishonest or unethical conduct. This policy outlines the responsibilities of employees, including ensuring that our suppliers are aware of their obligation to conduct themselves in a legal and ethical way.

We treat all employees with dignity and respect and follow all applicable laws and legislation related to labour and human rights.

  • Equal Employment Opportunity – it is the policy of the F4E Group to protect the employment rights of qualified applicants and employees regardless of an individual’s race, colour, sex, age, religion, national origin, genetics, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability and/or other protected categories under applicable laws.

  • Affirmative Action – F4E is committed to taking affirmative action to employ and train minorities, qualified disabled individuals, and people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • Anti-Harassment Policy – we are committed to maintaining a work environment that is free from harassment. As such, F4E will not tolerate harassment of, or by, its employees.

Accountability for corporate social responsibility

We encourage participation across our organisation and we work with external stakeholders to continually advocate on behalf of our workforce, improve our workplaces, contribute to the communities we serve and ensure our actions are socially, ethically and environmentally responsible.

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