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Stage 1: The Lead:

The International Publishing House required a new partner in Germany that had proven experience in their marketplace with robust software functionality that supported their complex continuity model for product fulfilment.

They also required high quality Customer Service compliment the fulfilment skills, preferably on the same site and under a single management umbrella.

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  • Regions Germany, Italy, Spain, France

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Stage 2: The Conversion and set-up:

PVS successfully converted The International Publishing House as a new client: The Project Management and systems implementation was delivered on budget and ahead of schedule. The complex continuity fulfilment, with supporting Customer Service, has been running successfully for 24 months. During this period the German volumes increased significantly and the UK volumes became substantial. Initially this UK demand had been fulfilled from Germany but the pivotal point approached, due to postage costs and delivery times, were it made financial sense to consider a secondary stock holding in the UK.

Stage 3: International Integration:

The International Publishing House requested an exact replication of the German solution in the UK under the F4E banner at a similar price. The successful cooperation between PVS and Clientbase delivered UK fulfilment on the existing PVS system through an interface between the PVS software and Elucid, the Clientbase WMS, complete with Customer Service in the UK for the UK orders.

This solution has run successfully for the past 12 months to the mutual benefit of the client, PVS and Clientbase under the F4E banner. The PVS senior Account Manager heads-up the developing pan-European solution, supported by a UK Account Manager. In addition the invoicing is centralized covering both the UK and German markets, along with the Account Management. The cooperation between the German and UK Account Managers has been exemplary.

Pan-European Roll-Out:

A program is underway to offer the same solution in other selective major European markets, based on the PVS software: Italy went live in late 2016 followed by further roll-out to Spain and France depending on demand in these additional countries: All under the F4E banner.

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