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Switzerland and Austria

Transform your webshop with our state-of-the-art fulfillment centres based in Switzerland and Austria.

Specialising in apparel and sporting goods fulfillment, our Swiss and Austrian based fulfillment services can help you improve delivery times, convert more sales, save money and resources, and improve your overall customer journey.

order fulfillment services forSwitzerland
and Austria

With our fulfillment for Schweiz and Austria, you gain the ability to locally ship your products and packages around both Austria and Switzerland quickly and efficiently, improving delivery times and reducing your carbon footprint.

Join the hundreds of brands taking advantage of our order fulfillment services and watch your brand grow!

  • B2B/B2C Order Fulfillment

  • Import / Export Services

  • VAT/Fiscal Services

  • eCommerce Returns

  • Fulfillment for Alcohol, Spirits and Wine

  • Bonded Warehouse

  • Kitting and Assembly

  • Consultation Services

  • Value - Added-Services

webshop fulfillment
Switzerland and Austria

Speed up delivery, increase your sales and simplify your returns with our webshop fulfillment (efulfillment).

Our fulfillment centres are configured to accommodate hanging storage, shelf storage, block storage, assembly workstations, order picking zones, and truck ramps.

And our ability to ship your orders quickly throughout Switzerland and Austria enables you to provide your customers with faster delivery times, and a more straightforward and eco-friendly returns process thanks to the reduced travel time.

Pick and Pack Solutions

All our fulfillment houses offer pick and pack solutions that cater to a wide variety of product types, including cosmetics, apparel, sporting goods, supplements and more.

We use advanced barcode scanning to minimise errors, ensuring your customers get the right items every time.

Our teams will then safely pack your products to ensure they arrive with your customer in perfect condition and are neatly displayed for a great unboxing experience.

alcohol fulfillment

Our specialised fulfillment services cater to niche markets, ensuring your unique products are handled with the expertise and care they require.

Whether you’re shipping fine wine, craft spirits or premium alcohol, we provide fulfillment solutions that maintain the quality and integrity of your products.

We adhere to all regulations for alcohol shipping, ensuring safe and compliant storage, packing, and delivery.

Kitting and Assembly

Save time and resources with our kitting and assembly services.

We handle bundling items, creating subscription boxes, and adding promotional materials, ensuring each package is assembled with care.

By letting us organise and assemble your products, you can focus on growing your business.


We make your supply chain greener.

We use recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials whenever possible and reduce carbon emissions through optimised delivery routes.

Our eco-friendly fulfillment solutions are designed to benefit both your business and the environment. By focusing on waste reduction and recycling, we help you minimise your environmental impact while promoting the reuse of packaging materials.

Our localised eCommerce returns process reduces travel distances for return packages, significantly lowering emissions and cutting costs.

Shipping from Switzerland and Austria

Expand your business globally with our international shipping services from Switzerland and Austria.

Benefit from our strong network of carriers that ensures your products reach customers worldwide quickly and efficiently. Our understanding of customs regulations helps you navigate international shipping smoothly, minimising delays.

With cost-effective shipping options, you can reduce expenses, improve delivery times, and provide a superior shopping experience for your customers.

Customer Support

Increase your customer satisfaction by outsourcing your customer support to our multilingual European contact centres.

Our dedicated agents handle everything from inbound order taking and customer inquiries to up-selling and cross-selling, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

With local language support, your customers can communicate in their own language, giving them a better customer experience.

Platform Integration

Connect your online store directly with our fulfillment centres for real-time inventory updates, automated order processing, and efficient shipping solutions.

Our integration supports all major eCommerce platforms, ensuring an easy and hassle-free setup.

With our service, you can manage inventory across multiple fulfillment centres throughout Europe from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

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