The Benefits of Outsourcing Your E-Fulfillment Services

Choosing the right time to outsource your e-fulfillment is never easy. Perhaps your company has outgrown its current warehouse space, or your delivery services are unable to cope with your demand?

Whatever the reason, it has become clearer to you that the hours spent managing fulfillment leaves you without enough time to invest in marketing and selling your services.

In any eCommerce sector your product quality together with the overall service you provide is key to your reputation and winning more sales. Poor delivery means poor reputation; no matter how loyal customers are to your brand, one bad experience or poor reviews can ruin it all.

So, if you find that your business has grown and you’re still doing the everyday jobs, now is probably the right time to consider outsourcing.

Outsourcing to a specialist e-fulfillment company like F4E can take a huge weight of your shoulders, open up new markets and help you to do what you’re good at, running your business.

The Benefits

The Gift of Time

Letting go of certain tasks is important. It frees up your valuable time and allows you to focus on building your eCommerce business.

F4E have dedicated account managers that take the stress out of the transition and will develop the trust you need to work on your "baby" with the same passion as you.

With a single point of contact you, with your F4E account manager, can easily manage your sales throughout Europe without the huge impact on your resources and budget this level of growth would otherwise take.

Lower your Shipping Costs
F4E have facilities throughout Europe. This creates a solid foundation to offer lower shipping rates — resulting in bulk delivery discounts that you can take advantage of.

We have established relationships with carriers & packaging suppliers in every major European state meaning we enjoy discounts that would not be available to smaller businesses.

  • 2,000 Employees

  • 35,000,000 Shipments

  • 350,000 SQM Space

It doesn’t take a lot of calculations to see that every one of F4E’s fulfillment houses already have the warehousing, IT systems and processes in place, so there is less of an investment for you.

Extend Your Reach

Go European. Whether you receive an order from another state or from another country, with F4E you'll be ready to take your business to the next level. We have the framework in place to ship and deliver orders to any part of Europe and every one of the F4E partners have local knowledge of their home marketplace complete with supporting web expertise, logistics, cost-effective carriers and packaging solutions.

F4E is has truly complete range of service sited in over 20 fulfillment centres strategically placed to provide true Pan-European coverage.

Reliable customer service support is an essential part of running a business. Many of our European facilities provide 24/7 support through email or phone.

Our call handling skills cover Order Taking and full Customer Service support: e-mail management: Order track/trace:Product-support. Each Contact Centre is fluent in their 'home' language and understands the varying nuances relating to their local market.

Thanks to our Group of Companies we able to provide contact centre services in almost all European languages: Austrian, Czech, Danish, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

F4E uses the latest technology to process and ship your products. Our systems integrate with your eCommerce store, and the result is a streamlined order e-fulfillment process that gives you greater visibility of your business, delivers a better user experience for your customers and ensures accuracy and efficiency for our staff. 

We are accredited to industry standards recognised for quality and environmental management throughout Europe. Our Account managers have been chosen for their pro-activity, expert knowledge of multi-channel fulfillment and professionalism.

They liaise with our clients and pass feed-back to the relevant departments within the e-fulfillment house to ensure the continuity of our excellent service quality. The Account Managers also monitor the accuracy of client reporting, which is so key for our clients.

Outsoursing - key points

  • More time to run your business

  • Lower your shipping costs

  • Help control your capital expenditure

  • Extend your reach to new European markets

  • Help control your capital expenditure

  • Contact Centres to improve customer services

  • Stress free IT Integration

  • On-the-ground local industry knowledge

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