Fragile Item Fulfillment Pack Safely for Shipping - 7 Vital Tips

July 30, 2023

Eoin Horgan

You find the perfect product online. You get your credit card. You buy the product. You wait a couple of days. Your product arrives. You open the box, but what do you find? A broken version of the product you ordered. You're annoyed. You box it back up. You send it back. You never buy from that company again.

In a world ruled by first impressions, this scenario is a waking nightmare for eCommerce businesses. That's why when it comes fulfilling orders for fragile items, you can never be too cautious. Not only does it help keep your customers satisfied, but it also minimises the risks associated with delivering damaged goods.

How damaged deliveries affect eCommerce Businesses


Nobody likes returns. Dealing with a customer complaint about a damaged shipment means, at the very least, you'll have to bear the cost of reshipping an undamaged item.

If customers are asked to cover the return shipping, this could lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.

Lost Business

Not every customer is patient enough to wait for a replacement. Some may simply request a refund and may not consider purchasing from you again. This not only results in losing the initial sale but also future sales as customers may lose faith in your business, and no one wants that.

Bad Reviews

In today’s world, customer reviews hold immense power to shape the success of your business. A customer who receives a broken item might leave a negative review – even if you cover all the costs and promptly send a replacement.

But how can you avoid this and ensure your fragile items arrive as intended? Thankfully, there are some precautions you can take to help.

7 Ways to Pack and Ship Fragile Items Safely

01Choose the Right Box

First things first, choose the right box. Making sure the box you use is the right fit for your product is crucial to fulfilling fragile orders. Avoid using boxes that leave excessive space inside, as this can cause your items to move around and potentially damage your product.

Instead, opt for a slightly larger box than the product, allowing room for appropriate dunnage to secure everything in place.

Poly mailers might seem like a cost-effective choice for shipping, but they are not suitable for fragile or breakable products. Despite the presence of bubble wrap padding in some poly bags, it does not provide enough protection for fragile items.

02Wrap in Cushioning Material

If your products lack supportive packaging and are stored loosely, it is essential to use enough dunnage for secure shipping. This extra cushioning will safeguard the item and prevent any potential damage during transit. This is especially important if your fulfilling orders for loose items, such as cosmetic products in glass.

However, certain types of dunnage can have a significant environmental impact. At F4E, we partner with companies that produce sustainable dunnage and we use it whenever possible. This not only reduces our environmental impact, but yours too.

03Encase the Item

For very expensive or fragile items, you might consider making a foam enclosure that fits the package perfectly. This will provide the best protection during shipping. However, this method might not work well for larger quantities of products as it requires a lot of time and resources.

04Use Void Fills

Ensure any empty space within the box is properly filled to prevent items from shifting during transit. Utilise sustainable void-fill materials whenever possible to minimise environmental impact.

05Don't Pack it too Tightly

Not too tight! Ensuring your goods are wrapped securely is crucial, but it's equally important not to wrap them too tightly.
Instead, opt for a secure yet loose wrapping approach. Avoid applying too much tension on the items, as this will reduce the likelihood of damage.

06Use Double Box Packaging

Put the delicate item in a small box and pad it. Then, place the small box inside a larger one, filling the space between them dunnage.

07Add a "Fragile" Label to the Box

Label it! Put a fragile sticker or label on your package to let the shipping carriers know they must handle it carefully. You can use multiple stickers if needed, just make sure they don't cover the shipping label.

Fulfill Fragile Orders Safely with F4E

At F4E we provide secure inventory storage and seamless order fulfillment of fragile items without any breakage. Our fulfillment centres are equipped to handle even your most fragile products, and our teams are extensively trained to ensure no damages occur along the way.

If you're facing challenges with broken deliveries or need assistance in shipping your fragile items, the F4E team is here to help. Contact us below to discover how we can ensure your customers' satisfaction while protecting your delicate goods. Get a pricing quote for our eCommerce fulfillment services and find out what we can do for you.


Shipping fragile items for your eCommerce business doesn't need to be complicated. By following the right steps, you can ensure your products reach their destination without any damage.

You also save on potential return and replacement costs and build a positive reputation.

Remember, if you're struggling with your fragile product, contact us to see how F4E can help.

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