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F4E Germany
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    F4E Germany

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    Neckarsulm, Germany

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    €62,038m (2018)

F4E Germany

F4E Germany is one of Europe´s leading service providers in the fields of e-commerce, e-fulfillment and publication & media distribution. We offer commercially and logistically integrated solutions for the distribution of your products both nationally and internationally.

Internet commerce has become a way of life. As a separate or an additional distribution channel it offers many new ways to sell your products. The speed of internet sales requires professional and transparent fulfillment, so that your products reach your customer in a fast, reliable and economical manner.

Fulfillment consists of but is not limited to all activities from order receipt, customer service, distribution logistics, returns management, cash flow management to extensive reporting. The modular structure offers our clients the choice to select just the right package for their requirements.

F4E in Germany
F4E Germany

F4E Germany

Your eCommerce fulfillment partner for Europe.

  • One source for all distribution solutions
  • Combination of professional expertise with more than 20 years of experience
  • Integration of efficient IT and logistics systems
  • Cost optimization for packaging and shipping
  • Return logistics and repair/rework services
  • Personalisation, embossing and engraving services
  • In-house website design, development and digital marketing services
  • Photographic services
  • Contact centre with multi-lingual customer support
  • Book keeping, fiscal services and VAT handling
  • Fashion specialist with hanging garment, ironing and cleaning services
  • Gift wrapping, bespoke gift messaging and monograming / engraving on glass
  • Consultation services
  • Fulfillment & distribution centers in the US


F4E - Fulfillment 4 Europe is the primary association for fulfillment services for B2C.
We are able to satisfy Big Company and Startup Company’s needs thanks to the expertise of our international team.

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